Midiacode PTBR

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging makes any product smart too

The Midiacode delivers

Extra content about your product, from the packaging and all other marketing pieces, including TV and Internet, directly on the consumer’s smartphone in a way:


The person stores the content that interests him on the smartphone. Saw a product with a QR Code in a shop window, captured what he liked.


Updated information with multiple links (video, URL, e-commerce)


The person takes their content with them to access whenever they want on their cell phone


The content that the person has access to can be shared with as many people as they want

Fast and Intuitive

With just one touch, the person captures the content, stores it on their cell phone and then can consult and share whenever they want.

QR CODE Capture

At any time, consumers can point their cell phone camera at the QR Code stamped on the packaging or directly on the product.

All the information you provided in that code will automatically be loaded on his smartphone: recipes, beauty tips, label, package insert, installation manual, instruction manual, videos, augmented reality, 3D content, link to your website, link for people to buy your online product, price, high resolution images and all the interesting content you want to put up.

What’s more, whenever you update the information, all the people who captured that QR Code can be notified (via the app) and, when they open the content, they will already have the new information! Isn’t that cool?

Make your
BRAND more
with our


In addition to all the examples mentioned, you can also deliver mini-apps to your customers! And what is this?

Through small application modules, with specific objectives that you define, your brand will be able to deliver several functionalities to users, whether internal, external or end customers.

As we are a state-of-the-art QR Code platform, we can deliver different content through the same code, according to the user’s profile.

See some examples below:


Engagement of end consumers and employees


Interactivities, including geolocation


Easy and much more affordable consumer surveys!


Exclusive content for technicians (using the same code)

Have too many SKUs?

No problem, we've integrated our system for process automation! Contact us and start connecting with your consumers, delivering new experiences to them! Everything is ready! We implement fast and guide your team to deliver the best possible experiences.